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For Employees

Social dialogue facilitates sustainable, binding agreements, less inequality, more legitimacy at the workplace and creates a broader support for democratic participation.

For Employers

With the help of social dialogue, companies can achieve harmonious relations, improved policy, and absence of conflicts.

For Governments

Social dialogue provides democratization of economic and social policies, legitimacy, enhances partnership and collaboration, prevents conflicts and tension for governments.

CNV Internationaal and Social Dialogue

Social dialogue is a critical building block for effective representation of employee interest, within and across countries. The Social Dialogue Portal is an initiative by CNV Internationaal and provides professionals and other interested actors practical resources and tools dedicated to social dialogue. CNV Internationaal is the international department of CNV, one of the largest trade unions of the Netherlands. CNV Internationaal has worked with trade unions in developing countries since its establishment in 1967. Social dialogue is at the heart of the CNV Internationaal’s work, together with its partner organisations, it protects and promotes workers’ rights by means of a consultative and coherent model.

We manage not to get any poorer through sheer hard work and negotiations. The minimum wage has increased and we now have better maternity leave arrangements. The entire wage is now paid three months in advance at the start of maternity leave.

Srun Sothy – textile employee and shop steward for CCAWDU in Cambodia

The tool of social dialogue is powerful enough to help the peace process succeed.

Julio Roberto Gomez Esguerra – the leader of the Confederacion General de Trabajadores CGT in Colombia

The employer is never your enemy, but someone you need to work with.

Roel Rotshuizen – Union official CNV