Tripartite Advisory on Managing Workplace Harassment

By January 21, 2013Guide, Social dialogue

Workplaces should be safe and free from harassment so that employees can carry out their work productively. Harassment can, however, occur in different forms and to different extent. The tripartite partners have come together to develop this Advisory, which serves as a practical guide for employers and employees to better prevent and manage harassment at the workplace. It emphasises the importance of proactive management and focuses on preventive measures to ensure a safe and conducive workplace. It also suggests key steps and remedial actions that employers and affected persons can take in responding to harassment when it occurs. Workplace harassment prevention is one facet of the broader Protection from Harassment Act which protects persons from a range of harassing behaviours through criminal sanctions and self-help measures for victims of harassment to protect themselves. Both employers and employees have an interest and responsibility in preventing harassment at the workplace and managing it properly if it happens. Let us work together to provide a safe and conducive environment for employers and employees to carry out their work without fear of being harassed.

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