Tripartite cooperation, social dialogue and national development

By | Barbados, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Kenya, Panama, Social dialogue


This article reviews recent developments in social dialogue demonstrating that consultation between government and key stakeholders contributes to labour peace, social stability and national development. After defining the stages through which social dialogue has developed, the author explains the various ways in which it contributes to economic and social development. He considers four developing countries (Barbados, Indonesia, Kenya and Panama), and one transition economy (Czech Republic), examining how they have used tripartite institutions to achieve social peace, labour market adjustment and socio-economic development. Finally, he offers a model to integrate “new” actors into the tripartite framework for social dialogue.
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Fostering economic development through social partnership in Barbados

By | Barbados, Case-study, Social dialogue


Analyses the framework and processes of labour relations and social partnership at the national level in Barbados and explores experiences of social dialogue in relation to improving productivity, technical and vocational education, occupational health and safety and in the tourism sector. Includes a comparison of social dialogue in other Carribean countries.

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