Who: CNV Internationaal, Kerns, SITREMKANCO, CGTG
Where: Guatemala
Sector: Food
What: Working conditions, trade union
When: not available

Guatemala is one of the most dangerous countries for trade union work. Trade union leaders are still getting killed in the Central American country. In the past, two trade union leaders at Kerns, a producer of fruit juices and sauces, were murdered.

After subsequent consultation it was decided that trade union leaders would no longer work night shifts in order to guarantee their safety. The trade union of Kerns, SITREMKANCO,  does not go out on the streets to strike. Thanks to assistance from CNV Internationaal and the confederation CGTG, the union has been trained in this, and they have managed to improve the mechanism of social dialogue with their employer. This enabled them to build trust with their employer. As a result, good agreements on matters including pensions, health care and education have been made. The company also benefits, because the Collective Labour Agreement includes provisions regarding productivity. The production figures are published every month. On the basis of these numbers, bonuses are paid on top of every individual employee’s salary, including that of the managers, every six months. This means that employees and management have mutual interests.


CNV Internationaal. (2017). The Value of Social Dialogue (pp. 1-40). Utrecht: CNV Internationaal.