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CSR Risk Analysis for International Business Activities

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The CSR Risk Check tool is aimed at companies that are exporting to, importing from or have production facilities in foreign countries.

About MVO Nederland & International CSR

MVO Nederland is the Netherlands’ national knowledge hub and networking organisation for corporate social responsibility (CSR). Going by our motto of ‘changing together,’ we inspire, connect and strengthen affiliated companies and industry organisations in their process of evolving towards sustainable operations. As a partner of MVO Nederland, the numerous events and networking sessions we organise, while our range of practical tools will help you put CSR into practice. Visit our website for a full list of the benefits of partnering with MVO Nederland (in Dutch), as well as further information about our activities in various areas of CSR, such as International CSR (ICSR). More specific information is available on the Dutch version of the website.

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A practical CNV Guide to the RUGGIE principles

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Introduction: an important resource

Is this a situation you recognise? For some years you have been negotiating with the branch or a supplier of a large international company which by now has also firmly established itself in the ‘low wage countries’. You negotiate about collective bargaining agreements and you can’t manage to reach a good consensus about wages and working conditions for employees. Even though you know that the company
has arranged these things properly in its country of origin. So what do you do?

As a trade union leader you have a particular responsibility within your company, sector or industry: you protect and promote labour rights. It’s certainly not easy to protest against abuses or wrongs at the local branches of foreign companies.

With the help of your international network of trade union organisations and your status as a partner organisation of CNV Internationaal, you can in fact play an important role here. That’s because the CNV trade unions work to benefit people and the environment, and look further than the national boundaries. After all, CNV leaders, officials or members of the Works Council are active within international companies in the Netherlands that also operate branches abroad or purchase from foreign suppliers. Sustainability and international solidarity are two of CNV’s core values. We believe it is important that employees’ human rights are respected all over the world.


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