Social Dialogue Portal

This website has the following main goals:

  • Raising awareness about the potential benefits of social dialogue among business and government professionals;
  • Creating insight on the state of social dialogue to social dialogue practitioners, such as union professionals;
  • Sharing best practice publications and templates for effective and efficient social dialogue practice.

About CNVI and Social Dialogue

Social dialogue is a critical building block for effective representation of employee interest, within and across countries. However, many professionals representing employees, businesses and governances have limited understanding of what social dialogue is, what best practices of social dialogue are and how it can be applied successfully. To address this challenge, CNV Internationaal (CNVI) aims to effectively communicate about social dialogue to business and government representatives. CNV Internationaal is the international department of CNV, the second trade union of The Netherlands. In line with this ambition, CNVI undertakes many activities as part of programs, in sector agreements (e.g. IMVO Convenanten) and through their (online) communication channels. Social Dialogue Portal is a new website to fill in a missing link where employees, professionals and other interested actors find resources and tools dedicated to social dialogue.