Who: CNV Internationaal, textile factories, employees, CLC
Where: Cambodia
Sector: Textile
What: Minimum living wage, textile industry, trade union
When: not available

In Cambodia’s textile industry, a minimum living wage has been a controversial issue for years. Many employees do not make enough money to survive on (living expenses, food, education, healthcare).

Trade union CLC has succeeded to increase wages in the textile factories for several years now. Trade union president Ath Thorn says: “The social dialogue is our most important tool in achieving this. If employers and employees are not talking to each other, that can lead to alienation, which will only make it more difficult to solve problems together.” Since a new trade union law was established in 2016, the importance of a social dialogue in Cambodia has only increased. That is because this law prohibits demonstrations and strikes. But CLC always finds a way, judging by the successful wage negotiations in the textile industry. Nevertheless, the social dialogue in Cambodia is still quite vulnerable; not everyone is open to this constructive discussion. CLC is trying to change this as well.


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