Who: CNV Internationaal, CGT, government of Honduras, Grupo Agrolibano,
Where: Honduras
Sector: Farmer plantations
What: Improved safety and health, melon plantations, improved productivity
When: not available

The employees of the melon plantations in Honduras had to work with pesticides that were harmful to their health and they did not have protective workwear. Before, employees did not succeed addressing the problems.

The Honduran trade union CGT took the initiative not only to talk to the company that owns the melon plantations, the Grupo Agrolibano, but also with the ministries of labour, social security and health. Through constructive consultation with several stakeholders they succeeded in addressing and discussing the problems.

Employees received protective work-wear combined with information on safe and healthy work, and the company now benefits from the improved health of its employees. There is less absenteeism, less staff turnover and productivity improved. In addition, the reputation of this international company has improved. The government also saves on spending on health care. Higher productivity also increases export and tax revenues. In short, a win-win situation. The outcome is so positive that a sugarcane plantation also asked the trade union CGT to come to a similar agreement. Social dialogue thus generates money for the company. And the profit for the union? More members, but above all, better working conditions for plantation employees.



CNV Internationaal. (2017). The Value of Social Dialogue (pp. 1-40). Utrecht: CNV Internationaal.