Legislation and law

Workplace social dialogue in Myanmar: Experiences and lessons learned

By | Myanmar


When establishing in Myanmar, Fairwear erected a social dialogue institution to aid workers in the factories they sourced from. The institution set up helplines for issues and branches to assist unions and workers in engaging in dialogue with employers either through legal action or when legal action has failed. The results of this institution and recommendations for moving forward, either through the institution or internally, in these factories are provided.

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Economic union without social union: The strange case of the European social dialogue

By | Social dialogue

The recent centralization of European economic governance raises the question of parallel developments in European social policy. On the basis of an examination of the case of the European social dialogue, the propensity of ‘spill-over’ theories to explain developments in the social sphere is considered. The following three potential future trajectories for the dialogue are reviewed: the possibility of the dialogue (1) becoming broader and more redistributive, (2) becoming a means of European Union (EU)-level wage control or (3) remaining in its current form. It is concluded that the status quo is likely to endure and that such a development threatens the integrity of spill-over theories and raises the issue of the dialogue’s utility to European trade unions.

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Eliminating the worst forms of child labour

By | Guide, Social dialogue

Eliminating the worst forms of child labour involves a sustained combat that goes much beyond legislating: it presupposes a vision of society and of development. To be effective and sustainable, any action aimed at prohibiting and eliminating the worst forms of child labour should be inspired on the one hand by an awareness of the complexity of the economic, social and cultural issues involved; and on the other by practices that have proved effective. This Handbook aims at providing inspiration and guidance to this effect.

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